Who is Smokey?

Smokey is trouble. Smokey is our deadbeat boyfriend. Smokey is a muse. Smokey is a monster. Smokey is a misunderstood kitten. Smokey...

Monday, December 11, 2017

We predict a cold winter.

If you happen to be a neighbor of ours, you may notice that the Smoke Monster hasn't been hanging around in your yard or the middle of the street lately. This is because the cranky cat who wants our food and soft pillow but not us has been spending nearly all of him time indoors. He even tolerated our other cat, Pepper, licking his head this morning. Also, he has been exhibiting the unusual behavior of playing with us. (BTW, his face when he captures a toy reminds me of the "Here's Johnny!" moment in The Shining. He likes to play, but be careful.)

All of this indoor time can only mean one thing: winter is going to be cold. So bundle up. Apparently Smokey has. If you see him out and about, admire his thick luxurious mane. He has never been so fluffy.